5 Benefits of building a ride sharing app for your on-demand business

Mohamed Natheem S
3 min readMar 11, 2020


Benefits of ridesharing app

The on-demand business is booming as everything’s gone digital. Not only budding entrepreneurs but well-established businesses also trying to make their presence in the on-demand marketplace.

After the success of on-demand apps like Uber and Lyft, every taxi booking company out there is striving to compete with them.

But they lack an important recipe for their success — “Ridesharing app”.

What exactly is a ride-sharing app?

Ridesharing app is an on-demand taxi booking app that connects commuters with affordable taxi services.

Using the ride-sharing app the customers can book a taxi at their preferred time effortlessly. Also the features and benefits they offer make them differ from the regular taxi booking companies without an app or a site.

Workflow of a ride-sharing app

The simple and elegant process flow of the ride-sharing app made them so popular among customers. Customers feel that they don’t have to go through “a lot of steps” in order to book a car.

The workflow of on-demand ride-sharing app,

  1. Initially, the customer logs in to their app.
  2. Fills out the pick-up and drop location.
  3. Choose the type of car.
  4. Selects preferred payment options.
  5. Then book the car.

5 Benefits of ride-sharing app for your on-demand taxi business-like uber

The benefits of integrating the ride-sharing app into your on-demand business like Uber are,

1. Transparent pricing

As we all know that the cost of travel in a regular taxi is far less than an on-demand taxi like uber. The customers can know the estimated pricing before booking a cab.

2. Live tracking

The live tracking feature in the ride-sharing app like Uber gives the customer an ETA of the cab they’ve booked. It also allows users to share their travel location with their friends or families during travel. This enhances the safety and trust of the users.

3. Accessibility

Easy accessibility is the key success factor of a ride-sharing app. Customers can book a taxi from anywhere in the world without waiting in a line or waving at them. The cab will be there in no time once the booking is done.

4. Ability to choose between vehicles

In ride-sharing app like uber, a wide range of vehicle options will be available. This enhances the user experience and makes the customers more comfortable to choose the affordable cars of their preference.

5. Cashless payment options

The cashless payment options allow the customers to pay the fare via debit or credit cards or PayPal. This makes the ride even better as the customer doesn’t have to worry about carrying the cash the whole time.

Planning to start a ride-sharing app like Uber? Here’s our product “Wooberly”, a perfect solution to your on-demand ride-sharing business.

Wooberly — Uber clone

Wooberly- Uber clone app with Flutter, is an on-demand uber like app that offers a wide variety of features that can be incorporated for your taxi business.

Some features of Wooberly- Uber clone app are,

  • Multi-Currency and language
  • Push notifications
  • Stripe 3D secure
  • SOS Assistance
  • Bookings management etc.

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