How to build an Uber-like app in Flutter technology [2021]?

👋Hello there,

The taxi business is heating 🔥 up.

A lot of young entrepreneurs are catching up with the trend of starting an on-demand business as people now are expecting everything at their doorsteps.

This made ready-made Uber-like apps built with Flutter a huge success.


Because ready-made apps are,

  • Cost-effective
  • Speeds up the development process.
  • Reduces startup launch time.
  • Immediate access to support.
  • Built-in advanced features.
  • Easy installation.

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But why choose Flutter for Uber clone app development?

Flutter is the right technology for uber clone apps. It is an open-source Software Development Kit for cross-platform application development for Android, iOS, and other applications.

Flutter would fasten up the development process, cut down your development cost and time.

Reasons behind choosing Flutter,

Single codebase

With the single code base, there is no need to build an app separately on both iOS and Android platforms. It helps to launch the app on both platforms at the same time.

Moreover, updating and the addition of new features will be done simultaneously.

Rapid development process

Flutter provides a necessary feature Hot Reload. It allows you to see the changes almost instantly and implement the changes within a couple of seconds without reloading the whole app.

Hence Flutter is faster due to the increased development time.

Perfect solution for MVP

A minimum viable product is one of the most efficient approaches to validating a business idea. It helps in launching the product in the market as soon as possible, reduces development cost and time.

Attractive designs

Flutter provides a rich catalog of UI components with built-in design-centric widgets, advanced APIs, and navigation features that help in creating stunning and expressive UI.

Reduced efforts of testing

Since Flutter apps are cross platforms, there is no need to run the same set of tests on different platforms such as iOS and Android. Hence it reduces the testing time by increasing productivity.

Interested in purchasing an Uber-like app in Flutter?

Try Wooberly.

It is a readymade on-demand taxi app that will help you start a Uber-like business within a short period.

You can launch your business faster into the market, and we’ll be there to guide you throughout the process.

We are looking forward to working with you.

For further queries, just ping us on WhatsApp.

Our support heroes will get back to you.




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Mohamed Natheem S

Mohamed Natheem S

Digital Marketer | Content Writer | Content Marketer

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