What are the key features to consider while building an uber like app?

In the Uber taxi business, the platform revolves around Rider and Driver.

We have built a Wooberly — Uber clone script with Flutter technology.

Flutter is an open-source SDK for cross-platform application development for Android, iOS, and other applications.

Flutter would fasten up the development process, cuts down your development cost by half, and saves the development time.

Main features in Driver App

  1. Cab details — Vehicle and a copy of the original documents of the vehicle.
  2. Documents to verify — Scanned documents of the vehicle.
  3. Mode of payment — Cash and stripe payment is present
  4. Currency and language — Integration of multi-currency and five languages.
  5. Daily trip — Having two sections — upcoming trips and completed.
  6. Privacy mode of earnings— Hiding earned pricing to provide security.
  7. Driver’s availability — Driver can switch back to offline if he doesn’t want to take a ride.
  8. In-call option — Driver can call the rider to know their exact location.

Main features in Rider App

  1. Cab options to choose from — auto/micro
  2. Breakdown of fare — based on km, durations
  3. Live monitoring — the rider can monitor their ride
  4. Payment selection — cash and Stripe payment
  5. Multiple currencies and language options — select according to their wish
  6. Ride-history — upcoming/past trips
  7. Estimation of fare before starting ride — calculate their ride fare
  8. Ratings and reviews — customers can rate their drivers

Please try our iOS and Android apps for both Rider and Driver.

Visit our product site: https://www.rentallscript.com/uber-clone/

We would really appreciate your feedback which will help us build a better product. Send us your feedback and questions to support@radicalstart.com




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Mohamed Natheem S

Mohamed Natheem S

Digital Marketer | Content Writer | Content Marketer

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